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Sale of original paintings hand-painted on canvas, Here you can purchase an original canvas with the right price from the studio of the Plastic Artist Stef. Ideal artwork for decorating your home.

works for sale

works for sale


Stef ( Stéphane Saracco) French autodidact painter , born in 1971 in Tours (known by its castles, gardens and wines). When 9 years old, he became conscious of his drawing vocation and told his parents he would be a painter when grown up. At 16 started his studies in Nantes at the graphic arts school where he mastered photography and serigraphy. In 2004 during a trip to Saint Martin Island he worked in a ceramic studio painting tiles. Having this artistic experience, at 23 he opened his first own business of murals painting. During 13 years he traveled and worked in different Caribbean Islands painting hundreds of murals in hotels, casinos and houses. In 2009 he and his family moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where he did set design, scenopraphy , panels and paintings related to fashion.

In 2011 he moved to Serra Negra, a small touristic town in the State of São Paulo where he and his family have a countryside hotel and he paints in his own studio. His late paintings reflect his daily life in a tropical and rural environment as well as his love for horses, music and his family. These are his inspirations while he refines his own artistic language and style in his paintings.




1990 | Arts and Graphic School in NANTES (France)

Major: serigraphy, photography and photogravure

Supplementary: photopannels, painting techniques

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